Monday, January 11, 2010

tea time

this is what i am craving right now, a chai tea latte from Queen Bean, a new discovery of mine. its my favorite chai tea anywhere. the Queen Bean is very close to our house which adds to its awesomeness, AND depending on who makes it, i get art in my tea!!
in other tea news, our office just got a kettle this morning, so i have been drinking lots of tea today which has been fabulous for me on a gloomy day....
i am slowly getting more Americans to drink tea...mwha ha ha ha ("evil" conniving laugh).
that's all that is on my brain today, that's not true....i actually have some other deeper thoughts swirling around up there, and i was going to write it all out, but i ran out of time, and i am not sure if the thoughts are cohesive enough to be written about, and make sense to anyone else other then myself. so until i gain more clarity, today i will write about my love of tea.

i do love it so.
its warmth on cold gloomy days.
its a smile when i am sad.
its dessert after dinner.
its comfort when i am upset.
its calm when i am stressed.
its something to do when i am bored.
its something to share with friends and family.
its a connection to my childhood.
its an excuse to stop, and just be.
its tea.

i highly recommend the Queen Bean chai latte to anyone else who shares my love of tea, and who lives near the Queen Bean (as in the same country, county and town), and those of you who don't i will be sure to share the experience with you when you come and visit me. hint hint.


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jess said...

I haven't had chai from there before. Lets have a date there, ok?