Thursday, January 14, 2010


this week i went darker. i like it. i could go darker still. its fun.
last night i attempted to get my etsy account going. tried to make a baby step and then stubbed my toe....not literally, i was just trying to be clever with a metaphor....turns out i encountered a problem with setting up the account and so i am just waiting for a reply and hopeful solution. but just to let you know i did move forward a little bit.
i am thinking of trying out a new blog site called tumblr. i will let you know if and when i do make the transition.
i have been trying to get organised this week, filling out passport forms, and tax forms, taking moose to the vet, ordering a gift for josh for our anniversary...all that fun stuff....very random, but that has been my week. no art yet, but i am hoping to do something tomorrow. i will keep you posted.
and God is awesome. Fact.
lots of lovely love this thursday afternoon.

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jess said...

beautiful, yet again :-)

I just was researching tumblr because I had never heard of it. I came across this article:

love ya