Tuesday, January 12, 2010

colours of home

the sun came out for a brief moment this morning. it made my heart happy. here are a few more things that made my heart happy today:

i got a belated christmas present last night (i love belated presents...they are so exciting) and here they are, all lined up on my fabulously colourful table cloth (which i also got as a christmas present from dubai).....can you tell i am ready for spring?....

these are the last of the oranges off our tree. i picked them this morning. i love oranges, and our tree makes delicious oranges, even though it is living in the sappy shadow of a pine tree that drops a ton of needles right on top of it.

i bought this plant at trader joes the other day after i took down my christmas decorations. its my reminder that spring is coming, and it makes me smile.

happy tuesday, i hope it is a colourful one.


jess said...

I LOVE the colours of your home! Great shots my friend! You are so stinkin' talented- you inspire me!
love you,

India Daisy said...

Wow, i love your blog! Beautiful home...xoxo

Lacee said...

I love your shots for this post. Gorgeous! The wall in your kitchen looked so dark. I am ready for spring too or at least some sunshine!