Friday, January 8, 2010

baby its cold outside

these photos are old, like 3 years old, from before i was married.....there are a few reasons why i am putting them up, one is because i just chatted to Danny (my brother) on the phone, and i miss him. he is coming to visit soon, probably in February to stay with us for a couple of months, which i am very excited about, it can't come soon enough! he just graduated from college and so he wants to get away and have some head space and just pray about the next step on this great adventure called life. i am so glad Modesto, and our house is where he wants to come to do that. another reason is this photo was taken in London, outside Buckingham palace, and today i have more of a desire then usual to travel somewhere, not really London, but it was one of the pics that i found on our laptop, but somewhere, i just want to travel......and then the last reason is that i am cold. i am sitting in my house with the central heat on and a little space heater at my feet and i am still cold!!! and this picture looks cold, brrrr! just like how i am feeling right now.
hmmm....that all sounded very whiny when i re read it, i didn't mean it too, i am actually quite content and happy, but seeing these photos just evoked and mirrored some feelings and thoughts going through my head today. so i thought i would share the randomness.
so to counter the whiny-ness here is something happy:..... its FRIDAY! i am wearing yellow! i purchased a new awesome bag with some Christmas money today, i had coffee and lunch with two wonderful friends of mine, and my hubby is coming home soon and i think i am going to take him on a surprise date tonight (thanks for the idea Dan)
Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend!

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