Thursday, December 17, 2009

far and few between

I can't believe it has been 3 months since i last blogged. Worst blogger ever right here!! I think that will be one of my new years resolutions, to blog more....we will see how that goes.

Alot has happened since I last blogged, alot of art work created, and some of it even sold, but I will talk about that another time.

Today I want to share one of the most awesome moments/experiences of the last 3 months, actually of this entire year (and it has been a pretty awesome year). A good friend of mine was expecting her second child and asked if i would photograph the birth. She said I went white after she asked me, and I believe her, I felt "white". She thought I was "white" because of the idea of witnessing a birth for the first time in my life without having a child of my own. And although that was a slight concern, the biggest "whitening" effect for me, was the taking photos part. I felt more anxious about it then how I have felt when I have done weddings in the past. I took a week to think and pray about it before I made up my mind and called her. I think the main thing that pushed me to decide was, waking up every day wondering if she had had the baby and I knowing that if I found out she had, I would have regretted not being there to capture it. So I made the call and said I would do it.

A week and a half went by of clutching my phone wondering if and when it would ring. Of going to bed with the biggest butterflies in my stomach. Finlly 12:50am Wednesday the 18th of November I got the call. I was up and at the hospital in 15 minutes flat (be impressed!), and 45 minutes later Miles Warren King was born, a perfect, very handsome baby boy.

2 hours later I drove home, tears streaming down my face, I was completely overwhelmed and in awe of how great and awesome our God is. I had no words to describe, still don't, every time I look back at the photos I get goosebumps, and I love to cuddle Mr Miles whenever I get the chance.

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Soph said...

Amazing, right? & a bit overwhelming I'm sure.