Monday, October 12, 2009

fancy feet

a couple of weekends ago we traveled south for a wedding.
one of josh's good friends growing up was getting married, and the celebration was taking place in the los angeles area. so i got the opportunity to see a little snippet of the southern part of california.

the wedding was a fancy affair. the ceremony was at a church in bel air, on top of a hill with a magnificent view of the valley below..... it was hard to know what to focus on the beautiful bride or the beautiful view (might be because i am a romantic at heart, but the beautiful couple won my attention)....the reception took place at an expensive restaurant in down town LA with valet parking and a giant chrystal was a very very fun wedding with dancing all night long.

in order for me to fit into the posh occasion i had to raid my friends closets for suitable attire. and i even decided i would probably have to over come my fear of high heels for this one time. so i borrowed a pair of cute black high heels. the night before we left i tried a couple of outfits on, with the heels and toppled around the house practicing my walk on the stilts. when a friend of mine came over to drop off another couple of dresses to try, i proudly showed her the HIGH heels i would be wearing. she looked at them and said "oh those are just kitten heels, you will be fine!!".... kitten heels??? to me they were neck brakingly high heels, not kitten heels.....but i smiled and acted cool.."yeah...ha ha....just kitten heels".

on saturday we drove to santa monica pier and wondered the wide expanse of beach, dreaming of ways in which we could one day live in such a place.....our conclusion was: change jobs and become famous (easy peasy right).....then we drove down rodeo drive keeping half an eye open for a movie star or something, but mostly just gazed at the fanciness of the place....

then we headed back to our hotel and donned our fancy attire, high heels and all, and headed for the wedding. at the reception i noticed another girls shoes, and had to giggle to myself in understanding as to why my friend had called my heels, kittens....this other poor girl really was walking on stilts....i don't know how she did it and still looked glamorous.

i am very proud to say that i lived to tell my tale. the heels didn't kill me...the kittens didn't turn into terrifying tigers part way through the night and bite at my little feet. in fact i even danced the night away in them, and i didn't take them off once!

it was a fun fancy weekend, and i look forward to one day exploring more of the south, but probably not in heels.

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