Thursday, August 27, 2009

the thoughts that travel through

These are just totally random thoughts that I am having right now.....a little snap shot into the very unprofound yet thoughtful (as in Full of random unprofound) mind of Pips.....

1) judging by the rate at which the hair grows on my legs, if I was a man I would have a 5 o'clock shadow by noon!
2) I would like to live in a song, like a worship song, or a Coldplay song, or a Jon Foreman song.
3) parenting....nope nothing to announce, but parenting is on my mind a lot it seems....parenting and Mohawks.....
4) whats for dinner?....oh wait I have to decide that.....hmmmm.....blaaank!
5) I wonder how many balloons it would take to lift a kid off the ground...
6) "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. - Isaiah 55:8 .... thank goodness, judging by my thoughts nothing would get done. Also this may not seem random but amidst the rest of the thoughts it is.....And thankfully so.
7) what to do to Celebrate Josh's Birthday next week???
8) I need to get a filing cabinet so that I can organise all the loose papers flying around the guest room closet. And when I get said filing cabinet I need to paint it some fun colour....probably orange, unless I can find an orange one, then my work would be done....except the filing part....hmmm
9) I need to pee
10) wonder where my family are right now.....
11) wish I had time to work on some art.
12) 15 minutes until home time. Until I see Josh. Well a little more then 15 before I see Josh....
13) things I need to do: clean the house (in preparation for a friend visiting from Canada this weekend! Yay!). Send off paper work to hand in my Canadian Residency (which I have had filled out for a month now), get a passport photo for the Canadian Residency thing so that I can send it. Pay off my student loan, figure out how to wire money so that I can pay off my student loan. Buy avocados for dinner tomorrow night.
14) Why do I procrastinate, even in the middle of getting organised?
15) that's a nice number to end on, can't possible have more then 15 random thoughts pouring through my head can I?
P.S apparently "unprofound" isn't a word...interesting, I am still using it though.....that doesn't count as a thought though 'cos it is a P.S......

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

missing you

You are there
I am here
and then there is distance
and time
and memories
they create space
in that space
I am thankful
for you

eye love

I love these two photos for two reasons. One cos I love both subjects, and two, I love both of their eyes. My husbands baby blues that caught my attention and heart, that make me smile daily, that look at me and know me and love me. And Moose's Big brown puppy eyes that seem to look into my soul, I mean how on earth can you stay mad when he looks at you like this? Even after chewing up my couch!!! Which by the way I have great news, I ordered a replacement cushion cover for like $35!! How awesome is that?

Monday, August 24, 2009

photo a day phinish

One year ago a casual facebook chat with a close friend from art class turned into a "photo-a-day" project. The idea was to take one photo a day with no pressure, no rules, just for fun. I was at a very frustrated point in my photography and art, and needed to remember again why I did it. I needed to enjoy it again. And so began my "photo-a-day" album on facebook. It started out with no rules or dates (the only rule was one photo a day). After I filled up one facebook album with 200 photos I decided to put an end date on my project and see if I could complete a year. This past Thursday was the last day of my "photo-a-day" project. So I created a couple collages of some of my favorites and thought I would post them here for you all to see. It was a fun year. I definitely discovered and learnt alot about myself and my art, I found my fun in it again, and I felt hugely encouraged all along the way. To be honest towards the end it began to feel little bit like a chore I had to do, that is why I am taking a break from it for a while, but my mind is already thinking up some new different project I could start on. The next project I do I will be sure to share it on my blog too.
Its kind of weird not having to come up with a photo for the day or take my camera everywhere, although it is very hard to not bring it along, it seems to be a permanent attachment to me these days.

feeling blue?

This what we were up to this weekend....Being blue.
As tempted as I am to leave it at that I suppose I should give more of an explanation.
We were acting (miming) in a short (5min) film that our previous church is making for one of their events. It was a lot of fun. I always left the acting side of things to Danny, being terrified as a kid on stage for all my ballet recitals, I never really pictured myself in any sort of acting position. But it was actually a lot of fun.
Don't let our faces fool you (or scare you).

Monday, August 17, 2009


New News. As of Friday Josh is now up to a 100% position. The school liked him so much that they kept adding periods to his schedule so he is now a full time employee. God is good!
And a few random photos we took the other night in our street. For fun.

Drama Queen

I had a rough end to my weekend, and decided to have a mini break down yesterday. Lately Moose has been breaking out of the barricade of baby gates we create for him, and has been good at roaming the house free and not creating destruction and havoc. So we have been leaving him to roam. As we did yesterday when we went to our Church's BBQ, only yesterday Moose decided was the day he would create some havoc, and decided our couch was THE best chew toy in the house (see photo above). So we arrived home to a cloud of couch stuffing (yes I am being overly dramatic because that is how I am feeling right now) and one of our couch cushions a little worse for wear. Not pretty. Our friend Jess had ridden with us to the BBQ and was witness to the fiasco. I waited until she left and then just broke down. Just like that. I was a puddle of tears. You would have thought I had just heard the worst news in the whole world! But I hadn't, my couch just has holes in it. Now I would not consider myself a particularly materialistic person at all, and so I was more puzzled and perplexed as to why this upset me more then anyone.
Poor Josh.
Eventually, after a nice bath and a delicious cup of tea I calmed myself down and snuggled up with Josh on the couch, holes and all, to watch our favorite show, "friends". Best way to cheer me up.
Here is my theory....I have been told by a couple of counselors I have seen in the past that I am someone who tends to bottle things up. Push things way down and store them, and then one day I just erupt.
When I was growing up, my best friends family and my family had a bible study together, and one night we had to make drawings describing each other. She drew a volcano for me......I didn't understand back then, but I am beginning to more and more. Perhaps she should have been a counselor......
Over the years I have seen a bit of a trend and pattern with this theory. The most frustrating and embarrassing thing about this is that it seems to be the silliest things that cause my eruption, like Moose chewing up our couch. It leaves me feeling so confused and, well plain old silly. If it was something more heart wrenching, or hard, I would feel like it was worth the tears and grief, and I would feel like I was really processing through something. But a couch! Seriously the way I reacted you would think it was the end of the world as we know it. And inside is this strange war going on between the very reasonable, even keel Pips, "its just a couch!" and the drama queen Pips, "MY COUCH.....baaaaaaaa". Sometimes I try just let myself weep, I try to tell myself that it is OK, its good to have a good ol cry every now and then, and I so very rarely am able to even shed one tear, that I should take advantage of the opportunity. But since it is always over something really dumb its hard to really give myself that liberty. I mean I would rather bawl my eyes out over a sad movie, but that is hard to do too cos I have Josh staring at me and asking every 2 seconds "are you crying?".
So here I am Monday morning, exhausted and dramatic, with a holey couch, and wondering what my puppy is up to as I sit here at work. Otherwise life is awesome. I have an AMAZING husband, the best! A great lil house. I have an incredible family and wonderful friends. And I have an adorable puppy, whom I love to bits, even though he does like to chew up my things, I am thankful he is OK. I mean it could have been worse, he could have been missing, or he could have choked on a piece of couch fluff!
Just thought I would share this with you to give you a bit of a giggle this Monday morning. I think it is hilarious, and ridiculous. I would rather be laughing at it then crying. I am done crying for a while. Had my dose.
Time for this volcano to be dormant for a while.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

lemon and honey

A week ago today at this very time we were driving my Mom back to the airport. She was with us for a week and a half. I had such a special time with her. We shopped, we gardened (kinda), we had coffee (well tea) and lunches, we supervised painting, and went on beach visits. But most special to me where the many heart to heart, mother daughter chats we had. I feel like we caught up on the last 5 years. The last few years after moving to Canada have been tough, especially for my parents, and I feel like my Mom and I lived on Parallel lines for a lot of the time. This trip our lines came together again and it made my heart happy. And then sad to say good bye again. I have come to realise that as much as I love visits and visitors, I still don't like the goodbyes, and I have also come to realise that there are a lot of goodbyes in life. Goodbyes are like lemons. My Mom has lemon and honey every morning, it is her morning drink. Whenever she visits there is always a lemon sitting on a saucer near our kettle. Honey is a good pairing for lemons. Just like thankfulness is a good pairing for goodbyes. Being thankful for the memories created, and the memories yet to be made, has carried me through many a heart wrenching goodbye. So my new motto is: when life hands you lemons, add honey.
Thanks for the visit Mom.

Monday, August 3, 2009

its official

I am officially and unconditionally a Permanent Resident of the United States of America. Last week I received a letter congratulating me because the 2 year conditional status has been lifted from my residency, and in 6 weeks I should receive my "green card". A couple of Months ago we sent in another package with lots of proof that we were still married in order to get the conditions removed. What a long journey it has been. A Good, sometimes bad, long journey. I went back and read some of my old e-mails that I used to send regularly from around the time of our wedding. It was fun to remember the obstacles we had to maneuver around, and be reminded of God's faithfulness, perfect timing, and better plan. So it seems Flyingpips is settling for a while on Californian soil. Lets see how long that lasts. I got a fortune in a fortune cookie today saying I will set foot on many soils around the world. Looks like I am a step ahead of my fortune cookie.