Friday, July 24, 2009


This week was a big week for Josh with 2 interviews. We went into it praying in faith that one of the 2 positions would work out for him, but at the same time trusting Gods plan whatever it looked like. Whether it looked like one of the two teaching jobs, or some other job in a different field.

Turns out it didn't look like either, and once again God surprised us with His perfect plan and infinite knowledge of us and our needs.

During the interview Josh had with the High School, they mentioned that there was also a part time ceramics position open at the school. At that point it was a 40% job. So when Josh got home, he sent in an application for it. Even though it wasn't a full time position, it was still exciting for him. Josh took ceramics classes both in High School and at college, and ever since I have known him he has always ultimately wanted to be a ceramics teacher one day.

Yesterday Josh got a call from the Principal of Turlock High School (the High school he interviewed at, it is about a 15-20 minute drive from where we live) and was offered the job of ceramics and photography teacher! Since he had spoken to them at the interview they had added a photography class, making the position a 60% position which means we get benefits and better pay then what we are getting on unemployment at the moment. Josh is so excited. He will be teaching a subject he has always wanted to teach, and teach in a High School, but not have to take on the intimidating load of an entire art program the first year he teaches at High School level. There is also potential for the program to eventually become full time. We are very EXCITED and thankful for Gods awesome provision once again. His plan is always better then ours.

I don't know if I mentioned if Josh accepted the position? Well he did, and will start teaching at Turlock High on August 18th!

Thank you for all your thoughts prayers and encouragement, it means a lot!


Soph said...

Praise be to God! This is so exciting - I know it's a bit of a commute but it really is a great school & community.

James Moes said...

Super exciting! Congrats!

An American in Pretoria said...

That's awesome! So excited for you and Josh!

The Hendriks Three said...

It's awesome to see answered prayers...we will continue to pray that it becomes a full-time position in God's perfect timing!