Monday, July 20, 2009

The Great Unknown

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us"
Ephesians 3:20
We find ourselves once again looking blindly ahead into an unknown future post the hot summer days. Josh was laid off at the end of the school year from the school he was teaching at, something we had expected to happen when he was first hired on. The position he had was funded by grant money and so it all depended on whether they got the money or not for the next year, that, and the declining economy, which saw schools cutting art and music programs from their budget, made it unavoidable that he would be laid off.
We held loosely to the hope that the grant money would still come in so that he could get rehired at the school he was at. Even though he desired to move to a school district closer to home, in this economy he would have been content to stay another year or too, and had grown quite attached to the kids he was teaching. But that was not an option. We didn't expect there to be many job opportunities out there for him in the art field, due to many art teachers being laid off with more experience, scrambling for available jobs. But amazingly three art positions came up that he applied for in school districts closer to home. We were amazed and excited, and waited expectantly for 2 weeks before he got a call back for an interview for two of the three positions. Funny how, just when you are about to start biting your fingernails and worry a little more, God plonks a bunch of hope in your lap to carry you a little further.
Both interviews are this week, one was this morning at 8am (he thinks it went well) the other is tomorrow morning at 9:30am. The one this morning was for a high school position, and the one tomorrow is for a junior high position. Up to this point he has taught junior high, but would ultimately like to be a high school art teacher. So we are hoping and praying for the high school position but will be happy and content with either position.
We have both felt an incredible peace these last couple of months, even though everything ahead is so unknown at this point. Sometimes I feel like I should be worrying more, praying harder, feeling more anxious. I mean we have a MORTGAGE to pay now! I have been waiting for all those feelings to tumble down on top of me. But to be honest I feel so at peace, so secure in my faith and knowledge that God has a perfect plan, perfect timing, and that he is in complete control. I have no idea what that plan will look like, if it will match up to what we are hoping for it to look like or not, all I know is that His plan is the only plan I want for our life, it's the best plan for us. I am praying with all my heart that one of these teaching positions will open up for Josh (all we need is one), because I believe he has a gift to teach kids, to impact their lives and love on them. At the same time I know that if no teaching job opens up for next year there is something else God wants Josh to be doing for now, and so even though it may make no sense to us, what will ALWAYS make sense is that God knows best and has the best plan for us. He is "able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine". Thank goodness! My fingernails can stay intact. With God the unknown is great!
I will keep you posted.

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Soph said...

Know that you will be prayed for & that I am in total awe of your level head - I am always a mess with worry no matter how big or small the situation is