Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Blue Chair

I love randomness. I love it when it catches you by surprise and makes you smile. When it presents a fun opportunity. My most recent collision with randomness came in the form of a lovely blue chair. (see above)
We just spent two wonderful weeks up in Canada with my family and friends. Our amazing friends, Jess and Dave, from California, drove up with us (we did the beautiful coast drive up the 101 that stretches the trip over two days). The first week was a full house, people and dogs everywhere (we brought Moose along and Jess and Dave brought their dog Emmi, I think Chester realised how old he was with our two bouncing puppies ready to play at ANY time of the day). It was Brilliant.
The Second week was quieter, but as full and wonderful. The Sunday that Jess and Dave Left, Dan and I took a morning walk with the dogs, and there in the middle of our path was this marvelous blue chair. We were so excited we practically skipped home and couldn't wait until after church to come back and do a photo shoot (of course). I am happy to say that the next day the chair was smuggled safely into my parents shed for future fun photo shoots!
Always let randomness catch you by surprise. It will make your day brighter, and perhaps even bluer....(in a good "blue sky" kind of way).


mrs. b said...

love the new look :-)

Rhiannon said...

i really love your photography its really awesome:) im glad your enjoy the arts as much as i do