Monday, June 29, 2009


I LOVE surprises, the thing is that somehow I figure them out, not because I am nosy (well I don't think I am), or curious, but just because I do. I stumble over them and figure them out (maybe I should be a detective or something.....then again stumbling over the things detectives stumble over is not all that appealing to me....waaay different to maybe not).

Two days after we arrived back from Canada my amazing friend Jess booked me for a girls night with her, filled with a pedicure, dinner and a wonderfully girly movie. I was so excited and touched, I thought it was her sweet thoughtful way of cheering me up, which it was and it did. In the meantime guys went to play Frisbee.

Towards the end of our wonderfully girly movie the guys arrived home (to our house), we said a quick hallo and then continued to be glued to the tele (well at least I was). So Josh started telling us a funny story of something that happened to them at "in and out", a fast food restaurant (I thought they had gone to P.Wexfords, the local pub...but let him finish his story). This was his story: " So this random girl came over and stole our fries, she just sat down at our table, wearing an "in and out" hat and started eating our fries, Dave got a picture of her". At this point I was thinking my husband ate too many fries or something. But Dave proceeded to show me a photo of this girl on his iPhone. She indeed was wearing an "in and out hat", and she looked ALOT like my good friend Kirst. I can't really remember what I said but I know in my head I was thinking "what the heck? why does Dave have a picture of Kirst on his phone? and why is she wearing an "in and out" hat? did he photo shop it in? Why would he do that?". I was so confused. I had a split second thought that she may be here but then pushed the thought away thinking that was so impossible, and continued to be completely confused about this joke the boys were trying to play on me. In my confusion I went to the front door, muttering that I didn't get whatever they were up too and just wanted to finish watching my movie. And there standing on the other side of my front door was Kirst, my childhood friend from South Africa, who is now living in London, on my doorstep!

I was in complete shock and disbelief and yet at the same time it felt so completely normal to have her in my house. It was the best night. My toes were all pretty and orange, I got to hang out with my lovely Jess AND my other lovely friend Kirst came all the way from London to surprise and see me!!!! Happy.

So in case you were wondering, the boys didn't go and play Frisbee but in fact went to the airport. Josh had known for a month that Kirst was coming (kinda scary how well he kept the secret from me), AND I got another week off work to hang out and spend with Kirst.

Very Happy.

Thanks Kirst! You are a huge blessing my friend!

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