Friday, May 1, 2009

simple smiles

Things that made me smile so far today: Waking up next to Josh. Moose nudges for cuddles. Going for a run with Moose. A clean house. Wearing boots one last time. Seeing a big rugged man walking his daughters to school with a multi coloured umbrella, Hawaii print board shorts and work boots. The fresh smell of rain, cleaning the dust away. Its Friday! Yay! Sweet messages from friends in my inbox. Thinking about having a rainy BBQ tonight with friends and watching "Yes man". Danny, even though he is not here right now, he can always make me smile. The predictions of hot sunny weather next week. Josh is almost done with the credential program. Thinking about going to Canada in one month time! I found a shorter (or quicker) route into work. Did I mention its Friday!....Have a nice day.

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