Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nostalgic trails

Every morning I take Moose for a run along this bike path by our house called the Virginia Trail. It is quite lovely. Along the edge there is wild grass, cosmos, Californian poppies and Daisy's growing. The combination smell of all of them brings back memories of my summer on Keats Island in Canada, working for Barnabas family ministries, the first year I arrived in Canada, in fact I had arrived 4/5 months prior to going to Keats. This nostalgia I feel always takes me by surprise. I am used to remembering South Africa and having the most random smell or sound set off a memory or a longing for the place I grew up. But when something sparks that same feeling for Canada, a place I lived for three years I am often caught off guard. It makes me realize that the short time I spent in Canada, as unsettled as it was, was so meaningful to me and to who I am today. Those memories contribute in shaping me just as much as my South African memories. This morning it got me thinking about years down the road, when I am 36, and I have lived the same amount of time out of Africa, as I have in Africa, I will probably still feel a deep connection to the place where I grew up. It makes me realize once again how integral and foundational my childhood really is. I am so blessed that I had an amazing childhood and can only pray that I will one day provide a similar foundation for my own kids. By the Grace of God.

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Jimmy said...

May you always ache for Canada. I do at times while living in this land of the free and brave.