Friday, April 3, 2009

playing catch

So I want to try and be better at posting on this thing. The whole point for me to start it up was to take the place of my giant general e-mails, and now I don't do either blog or e-mail. For some reason the whole blog thing is intimidating to me, I feel I have to have something profound to say (and to say it well) and I never do. So yesterday I decided I needed to write more, profound or not (well said or not).

So to sum up 2009 so far......busy.

Good busy, but busy none the less. This final semester of Josh's credential program has been the busiest for him, so time together has been scarce which has been hard. I am looking forward to it all being over.

The credential program even encroached on our second year anniversary. We had already decided that we couldn't go away for it, due to finances, and instead wanted to go out to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. But then Josh had a meeting for his class that was very important, so we had to postpone our date to the next night. We still had an amazing time celebrating our two wonderful years. Josh surprised me, and really did take me to a fancy restaurant. After finding out about the meeting he pretended that we would just go to another restaurant, that I still love but it wasn't super fancy or anything. I was OK with that. Little did I know that he had already booked the fancy one....and had to get me to dress nicer without giving it away....cute boy.

This is turning into the year of visitors for us. We are loving it, and what a blessing to have the house and a spare room. First was my family over Christmas (hence the hectic two week rush to get things ready for them), then at the end of February we had Dans best friend Pierre come stay for a weekend with his girlfriend and her best friend, who they were dropping off at the San Fransisco airport to continue her world travels (her next stop was the Cook Islands....jealous!). So they "flew" through, driving up through the Thursday night and leaving the Sunday Morning. We had a lot of fun and laughter with all of them.

Then my Mom came to stay for a few days with a good friend of hers from work. Their main mission and goal was to help us tackle our yard, which had been a landscape of weeds. Their other mission was to relax....which apparently gardening is that for them? So the Saturday before they arrived we spent the day doing the back-breaking work of pulling all the weeds out of the beds. I don't remember ever being that sore in my life, but it made me feel better that all my Mom had to do was help pick the plants and plant them. The fun stuff. I had go to work unfortunately, but Josh was off on his spring break and was a great helper and driver for them. The yard is on its way to looking lovely, I am excited about all the plants we have put in, mainly roses....can't wait to see how it all looks in a few months, and hoping I don't kill them in the mean time.....

On the Wednesday we got up at 1am to take my Mom to the airport to catch her 6am flight! And then continued up to Canada to surprise Dan and see him in his play, which may be the final play he is in at Trinity. We were there for 3 wonderful, short days then drove home again bringing with us Ross and Ang Turner, friends of mine from South Africa. They are now staying with us for 2 weeks before they continue on their American Adventure. During the day while we are working they have been exploring Modesto and seeing its "sights"....which are few and far between. Mostly they are getting to do life with us and then on the weekends we are going to make up for it and take them to San Fransisco, Santa Cruz, and to Yosemite hopefully.

Then we might have more guests coming from the UK in May and from Canada in August. So much fun!

We are hoping to head back up to Canada this summer, probably the beginning of June for a longer trip to see my family and Dan before he goes to work at Barnabas summer camp this summer. The plan is to stop off in Seattle on the way up for a mini vacation together and to drop off my Canadian Residency card (the end of an era). Then we are hoping and praying to be able to make a trip back to South Africa over December or January. We had originally planned to do it this summer, but buying a house set us back on that a little bit. So depending on Josh's Job situation (due to economic situations here, there are major cuts in schools and mainly the art/music programs so we are still uncertain where and what Josh will be doing next year, but we trust the Lord has a plan, he always does. He is always faithful to provide) we now hope that December will work, we won't be able to come for as long but it will be better weather in SA for us. So we will see.

So that is a bit of a catch up on us at the moment. Busy with life, friends, family, fun, school (not as much fun), the house, yard, our lovely pup, and looking forward to summer and warmer weather.

Now that I am caught up on life ramblings, maybe my next entries will be more profound and interesting......

"Strength and dignity are her clothing and she smiles at the future" - Proverbs 31:25


Brian said...

Has your brother Dan worked at Barnabas before? My friend Holly is in love with the place. Maybe they know each other.

Jimmy said...

Such good news. The more I hear of your house and spare bedroom and garden, the more I long for another Californian adventure.

Also, feel free to crash at our place when you come through Seattle.

Pips Ebersole said...

Brian, Dan has worked at Barnabas before, he worked there the summer of 2006 and I do remember him workign with a Holly, so it may be the same person...funny. I worked there in 2004. It is beautiful there! You should go visit.

James, you guys should come, I am going to call it Breakfast on Albany :o) Know tha tyoua re always welcome! (you to Brian :o) )
Thanks for the offer of your place, we very well may take you up on guys like dogs?