Thursday, April 2, 2009

Musings of a Moose

Meet Moose.

Our beloved addition to our little family.

Moose was sick when he came to us, with kennel cough and then as soon as he got better we whisked him off to be fixed....poor pup.

So far Moose's favorite chew toys are:
my kitchen curtain teddy bears (or anything stuffed, hasn't chewed our pillows yet though) plates the bible electric cords fruit from the fruit bowl

Moose has a best friend, Emmi Blue, she is a couple of months older then him.

One Friday evening our friends Jess and Dave just popped in to say hi, and had brought Emmi, so we let the two pups into the yard for a while. When Jess and Dave were ready to leave, we called the dogs to the back door, and along came two muddy pups. They had found the broken sprinkler head and dug a nice mud bath for themselves. So Dave passed them through the bathroom window to Josh and they got a bath (see photo below). Bet they weren't planning on that for their Friday evening activities.

Moose loves people. And watching out the window.

He loves exploring the great wide world of our back yard. He will stand in the middle of it with his head held high and just let the wind blow all the smells and sounds into his face. He loves this more then playing ball at this point.

He is a good pup.

Endless fun and companionship.

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