Thursday, April 9, 2009

In its time

Today I was getting myself organised, replying to e-mails I hadn't replied to and other fun stuff. Getting organised is addicting, once you start and feel like you accomplish one thing you want to do more. One of the things on my list was to write about my memories of my wedding day for our photographer, James Moes', blog site. It was fun to think back and remember that special day.

Another thing on my to do list was looking up immigration forms to change my residency status from conditional to permanent. The whole immigration process is so wrapped up in my wedding memories too, so I thought I would post what I wrote for James today. Seemed appropriate......

The memories of my wedding day are so much more then just the one day itself. There was so much leading up to our day that shaped and strengthened our relationship and contributed so intricately to the memories of that special day.

Unlike most people, Josh and I had to conquer the boundaries, known as US immigration before we could have a wedding day. I am still surprised at how easy it is for other people to just get married without the immigration process in the way.

After getting engaged we hoped and prayed to be married 3 months later. It ended up being a nine month, long-distance engagement, with 3 dates set and changed for the wedding. The hardest part about waiting was never having a set goal or date to work towards and wait for, it could have been never ending for all we knew. We clung to this verse: “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Eccl 3:11, and trusted.

Finally we received a letter with an interview date to receive my fiancĂ© visa and our wedding date was set for 2 weeks later, the same day as my parents 29th anniversary, on a beach in California. “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Eccl 3:11

Leading up to our wedding day, California was dreary and rainy. My friends and family who came from Canada joked about the Californian weather. We stocked up on rain ponchos and umbrellas, the rain would not deter our beach wedding.

The morning of our wedding day the Sun broke through the dreariness. We had perfect skies for some great photos. Full sunshine amidst looming clouds.
“He has made everything beautiful in its time” Eccl 3:11

Our wedding day was a simple day on the beach surrounded by a few close friends and family. Getting married on the beach was my only wish and dream for my wedding. And it came true. It truly was a beautiful day not because of months of planning and organizing finally being realized, but in its absolute simplicity and perfect timing. We were finally together forever, no more boundaries separating us. The first day of growing old together. The ocean crashing in our ears reminding us of Gods sovereign power in our lives.

I remember my Dad telling me a funny story as he walked me onto the beach towards my groom. I remember Josh’s smile reserved only for me. The tears and laughter as we exchanged vows.

We ran with the sea gulls, we could have taken flight with them and soared.