Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our Albany

So it has been a while since I updated this blog with some interesting news, and in that time interesting news occurred. On the 4th of December 2008 Josh and I received the key to our first house.....and so we enter into the wonderful world of home ownership! (the above picture is of our new little home, the first thing we did was mow the lawn).
We began this little adventure the beginning of October. Josh was on his first two week break (his school has a 2 week break every 10 weeks, its a different schedule to other schools around here) and he decided we would seriously start looking at houses to buy. The housing market here has been dropping fast and low, due to bad loans made over the last few years, and the economy. Not good for sellers, but excellent for first time buyers, like us. So he started looking at a few homes over the next two weeks.
We had seen this little house on a street called Albany a few months ago when we were looking for fun. When Josh went out to "seriously" look (like with an agent and everything) it wasn't on the market anymore. I was kinda bummed, but thought we would probably find something else. It was arranged that one Saturday I would go out and look at houses with our agent to see some of the ones Josh liked and some others we had found online (at this point I hadn't looked at any). The Friday before we were going out, "our" Albany house popped up online again, and so we quickly called our agent to add it to our list of houses for Saturday.
It was the first house we went to look at on Saturday, the moment I stepped inside I felt a peace about it. Josh wasn't sure, as the price was higher then the other homes we were looking at the rest of the day. The reason that it was back up on the market, was the buyers had backed out of their offer. The house was a short sale and banks are known to sit on offers for up to two months on short sale homes. The bank had come back and accepted their offer but had taken so long that the buyers had backed out. So if we put in the same offer it would be accepted immediately and we wouldn't have to go through the usual short sale long wait. After looking at all the other houses, we came back to Albany and took one more look. Then we sat in the car and chatted and prayed about it. At this point, after Josh saw the state of the other homes that were less then Albany, we both had complete peace and so we put in the offer. All very exciting. Got out the inspector and the appraiser.....and stop.
The house got appraised at much less then the asking price and our offered price, which meant if the bank didn't move on the price we couldn't get a loan for a house that was valued at less. And so we waited, patiently. The whole time we both felt this cool peace.
In the meantime Josh's Dad kept looking online for homes. He found a darling house in an OK neighbourhood for much less. Seemed perfect. Problem was our agent was out of town that week. So she set us up with another agent in her office to take us to look at it. I felt very anxious for two days. It was horrible. I thought I was anxious cos I was excited about it and wanted to see it so bad and have it. We had found out that there was already an offer in on it that was "substantially higher then the asking price". Finally we got an appointment to see it on the Tuesday. As Josh and I were on our way to see it the other agent called us and said that they were not accepting anymore offers. They already had six "substantially higher" offers, which is amazing for a short sale that had only been on the market for 4 days. So we pulled a u-ey and headed home. My thought to myself was " hmm thought I would be more disappointed" but I wasn't, in fact that peace came back.
A week later we heard that the bank had accepted the lower offer. So finally after a lot of paper signing and a tight deadline to close, we got the keys. Now its non stop work getting it ready to move in the weekend before my family arrive for Christmas. And we love it. Very excited and thankful for our first little home.

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