Friday, October 31, 2008

Under Construction

For the past few weeks "they" have been doing road construction outside my office. Inbetween answering the telephone and browsing the internet, I now have live entertainment right outside my window with bulldozers and neon cones.
Subsequently I have been thinking alot about construction as an analogy for my life. In general most people find road constrauction a pain in the behind. It is inconvenient, annoying, messy, it causes traffic jams, alternative (longer routes), which means we have to change our schedules, leave early, find a new route, or be more patient. At the same time, people don't like roads that are in bad condition, but in order to make the roads better we need the construction. A conundrum.
As a person I want to grow and change and become a better person, the person I was created to be, especially in my faith. In order for change to occur I need to go under construction, and its going to be inconvenient, annoying, messy, uncomfortable, painful, its going to require change, and patience. There is no alternative route, cos somewhere along that route I will run into another construction sign, and line up of neon cones. So there is only one thing to do, slow down to the 35mile construction speed and learn, grow, change, get messy, get annoyed, get real, and become who I was meant to be, created in Gods image with a purpose far greater then my own dreams or desires!

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An American in Pretoria said...

Well said!! Thanks for the reminder; I love your insight!