Thursday, August 7, 2008


This was what the sky looked like when I went for my run yesturday morning. I took this photo with a disposable camera that got wet when we went rafting down the river last weekend. This is why I love running in the mornings.

Due to the hot temperatures that come with summertime here I started going for my run in the mornings before work. I love running in the morning. It's tough rolling out of bed and making myself go. There have been a couple of mornings where I have let Josh (too easily) pursuade me not to go. And then I regret it when I try and run in the afternoon heat. But mostly I have mastered the technique of not thinking about it too much. I robotically climb out of bed and into my running clothes, eat a trusty banana, stretch a little and head out, by myself. Josh does not enjoy running in the mornings so its just me and my thoughts.

I love these mornings, before the world wakes up. Its so still and quiet. The only sounds are the birds cheering me on, the sprinklers spinning, my feet methodically hitting the road and my prayers silently spoken and lifted to God. Although I miss running with Josh, I have come to treasure these times by myself, the time with God.


James Moes said...

I would love to have that discipline! Good for you!

(I now sit behind my computer in my running shorts and an oxford button-up shirt ... I'm not sure whether I want to run or work).

Pips Ebersole said...

ha ha ...that made me laugh out loud!

You could do both you know, not at the same time, although that would be a funny sight too, a guy running around downtown Vancouver with button up shirt, running shorts, lap top and sweat bands....sweet!