Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh Canada

Since we have been here we have put in alot of wood floors. Well Josh and Dan have done it mostly, but I have helped a little here in there, scraped this, put that board in there, moved furniture here, fed them, cleaned up after them and just genereally being moral support. By Friday last week I was feeling a bit stir crazy and bored and antsy to do something else, I saw the holiday floating away, with me waiting around and watching the boys place wood planks in my parents home. But we took this weekend off and had some fun. So this week I have a fresh attitude about it all.

Last Sunday, a couple of days after we arrived, we drove up to Kelowna (3 hours away from my house) to stay with one of my good friends, Nic (a friend from preschool in South Africa) and her husband Steve. They moved to Kelowna after they were married and I hadn't seen their house yet. We spent Sunday evening on the Beach (Lake) watching kite boarders flit around, and eating a variation of a hamburger, the ketchup (which was forgotten at home) was replaced with salsa. We got creative and used what we had. Then as the sun started to go down at like 9:30/10:00 we went home and watched a movie (Gone Baby Gone). Monday Steve went to work (he is an engineer), Josh stayed at the house to do his homework, so Nic and I went out to play.....well we found a winery and had a lovely lunch then lay in the sun and chatted the afternoon away. It was a special and realxing time in pretty Kelowna. Then after dinner (perogies!) we headed back to Vancouver, well Langley to be specific.

The rest of the week was spent flooring, as I mentioned before. Getting high on the glue, and living around the chaotic scattered furniture design.

On Saturday we joined the de Fleuriots (Nics family) at Grouse mountain, (a local mountain, where I learnt to snowboard), and we did the "Grouse Grind". Well part of the group did the "Grind" the other half went up in the gondala. The "Grind"' is a steep climb all the way up, no progression, just up all the way, and it is about an hours climb at a consistent pace. I ended up being the only girl in the climbing group (and second to reach the top, behind Josh, just had to boast a little.....we didn't do it in a fast time or anything, but still....). Dan and his best friend Pierre (de Fleuriot) showed up in short shorts, vests, head attire (Pierre with head band and Dan with Clown hair, other then his own) and ski poles. Always the entertainers.

Once the whole party had reached the top, we went to find a picnic spot, on the way we took a detour on one of the chair lifts and got the most incredible view of Vancouver. By the time we got back, the "Lumber Jack" show was about to begin, so we had lunch on the way (fast food I call it) to the show. The "Moms" were positioned on the grass creating the sandwiches, we grabbed and ran to the show. Saturday was one of the first hot summer days here. The show was out doors in the blasting heat. Some of the other kids had lathered tanning oil on their bodies, and were quickely turning a shade of pink ,as we watched the amazing lumber Jacks goof around and do awesome stunts. After the show it was decided that maybe some sunscreen would be a good idea......Then we went to see the two orphened bears they have on top of Grouse. They stood about 4 feet away behind the fence eating (something on the ground, looked like stones to me??) and completely oblivious to the crowds and flashes surroundig them. Then we went back down on the gondala tired and ready for a shower. It was a fun day. I slept well that night.

Sunday we just relaxed at home after church and then went to the Drive-in Sunday night with some of Dan's friends. We watched Wal.E, which was a sweet movie. Then Narnia, which was.....loooong. Well for the second movie at a Drive-in, it was a long movie, I slept through some and still thought it was long. Our battery died part way through, probably with an hour left of the show, or at least it felt like an hour. I will have to watch it again when I am not so tired. Before the movie even ended Dan's friends drove off, with Dan in the car, leaving us stranded with no battery, luckily we were at a Drive-in, and they think about these things, a kind man came and got us rolling again. So at 2:40 we left to go home. Way too late for the floor installers :o)

Today is Canada day. We went with some good friends (Josh's roomate and his wife) to a strawberry farm to have a pancake breakfast and pick strawberries. It was so much fun. We now have piles of beautiful juicy stawberries to figure out creative and yummy ways to devour.

Now the flooring continues, I think we are close, we are going to run out of glue before we can finish, and everything is closed on Canada day......Tonight we are having a steak dinner and going to see Hancock, Dan bought tickets for us already to make sure we will get in. Happy Canada Day everybody!

And thats the way the cookie crumbles.

P.S we ran out of glue....we have one more room to go. Tommorrow is a new day!

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mrs. b said...

yay for updates on your life!!! Now the question is.. after putting all that flooring in... do you think that you will ever do it to your guys place someday? haha!
love ya!!!
cant wait to see you!