Wednesday, July 23, 2008

connect the dots

We have been back from Canada for a week and a half, (Dan drove back down with us).
In that time:
-I went back to work,
-my Mom arrived for a visit,
-we went to the beach followed by a Coldplay concert (my favorite),
-Josh started another class for his credential program
-we went to the late night show of Batman, it was both tragic and brilliant at the same time
-and Josh left for Hume Lake (a big Christian Camp here in California) with the high school group and a bag of homework.

I have been feeling very disconnected from things and God the past few weeks. Even though I am home again, it feels more like an extended holiday with my family here, only I have to work, and for whatever reason that has made me feel disconnected from...things....I am not sure what I am thinking about right now, or what is on my heart...probably my disconnectedness. I am missing Josh like crazy, its good I am thankful for that, but its weird. Even though my family is here and have been a fun distraction, there is always something missing.I am very excited for Saturday and his return, and looking forward to some time together again, been tough to get that the last 5 weeks. So other then all these words I have just rambled off, I don't have any other words to share about life, other then I am dreading Sunday when I actually have to say goodbye to my family for another 5 months probably. They always leave a big hole behind, especially Danny. So instead of words, here are some pictures - I am beginning to think maybe I speak better (more eloquently, as I wish I could write) through pictures - of life the last little while......

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