Thursday, July 24, 2008


My Mom loves to garden. I on the other hand am a disaster when it comes to gardening. I managed to kill a fern I had at university, several times over. I bought a fern (well my Mom bought it for me for my dorm room) because it is apparently a more durable plant so would withstand Every holiday that I went home I would give it to a friend to look after, and when I came back it looked much happier, so eventually I just gave it to her, she called it Vern the Fern.

After we were married, and living in our little apartment in Modesto, I would occupy myself most days by wondering down to the nearest Starbucks and grocery store. One day I purchased a potted rose plant. Looked ever so pretty on our table, for like a week. Then it started to droop. In a desperate attempt to save it, I researched online a bit and then placed it in our bedroom window so that it could lap up some sunlight. It looked happier, and much to my delight even got a new bud on it. I am proud to say it came with us when we lived at Josh's parents house. It sat in the kitchen garden window and was ever so happy. I forgot about it mostly, it was Mary that loved and cared for it. Then it moved to the cottage, and it was downhill from there, not even sitting in my window cheered it up. So eventually one day I decided to give up and retire it to the garbage. On the way to the bin my wonderful landlady, Kristy, stopped me and rescued it from my defeated clutches......she is an amazing gardener, her yard always looks so lovely. My little rose plant is now sitting happy and healthy on her porch, I dare not ask for it back due to the implications it might have on its life.

So why am I writing all this.....Well Josh is not the biggest flower buyer, which is OK, makes it even more extra special when he does buy me flowers. But recently he has bought me a couple of potted flowers, (well one he bought, the other he was given and then came to work and gave it to me ). I got a Calla lily (my favorite), which we planted in Kristy's garden. And a Gerbra daisy (so happy), which brings me to the point of this blog. Please see photo above....Its blooming!!! Two big beautiful red blooms. I am so excited. It makes me happy every time I walk out my door. However I can't take all the credit as I left it with Kristy when we went to Canada, but since we have been home I have remembered to water it (that's big) and I even took all its dead leaves off. When we first got back there were no blooms and now look. I am so proud, I had to share it. Maybe I still have a chance for a green thumb.

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mrs. b said...

love your sweet flowers! I know what you mean, it does make you feel good when you can grow something :-)