Thursday, May 22, 2008

Slow lane

Today I decided to take the slow lane into work so that I could finish listening to a great song by "Lights". Made me think about how I need to take the slow lane in life more often in order to appreciate the beautiful moments, songs, sights and people I encounter. We always rush here and there. Even on our vacations we rush trying to jam pack the days with events. Quickely capturing the sights with a digital camera. Instant. Immidiate. Now.

During my studies I came across a photographer and artist called Dianne Bos. She photographs using pinhole cameras. She says about her work "My work challenges the view of photography as a way to "capture an instant in time". By using pinhole camera's and long exposure times I record, not an instant, but rather the passage of time." - Dianne Bos. Using a pinhole camera forces you to sit still in a place for 3 minutes or more (depending on the exposure time), allowing time to take it in. Its not a simple "snap" and off to the next exciting thing, to be more closely looked at on the computer screen, or the print we make once we are back home.

I love the idea of being still amidst the rush that is life today. We are called to "Be still and know that I am GOD" - Psalm 46:10. In order to know God we need to be still. How hard is that? Hard. Personally I can quite easily sit still for a long time, but that is only part of it. Now, trying to still my mind and my thoughts is quite another story. It is constantly going, whirring and buzzing, and to be honest most of the time its not a very constructive, profound or life changing buzz. Just rambling in my head. Most think I am a quiet person, take a step inside my head and you will be deafened. On the inside I am an extrovert, on the outside, an introvert.

Despite the fact that we have just invested in a lovely new digital camera, I think I need to pick up my pinhole camera again and learn to be still. Learn to drive slower, look longer, love louder, speak less and listen more. A wise woman once told me (when I was learning to drive) that it is harder to drive slow then to drive fast. I'm up for the challenge. I am going to finish listening to great songs more often.

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James Moes said...

Stillness is something that seems to be elusive in my life. Your longing is also my prayer: that my mind may de-clutter and my heart/mind/soul find stillness.

Thanks for this post.