Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New purchases of late: We invested in a Nikon D80 Camera, we Love it, shot a wedding on it a couple of weeks ago, and with the help of our friends awesome lens's we borrowed, I think we got some great shots. This past weekend we also happened to trade in the truck and get a golf (called a "golf four" in SA?). It was quite by chance. We had actually decided not to sell the truck anymore (took down the 'For Sale' sign and everything) and wait until Josh is in a more permanent Job...and then last week Josh saw the Golf. We got an AMAZING deal on it and we love it! My dream car. A long board. We now have 2 and love going for a long board in the evenings or have a long board double date with friends. Josh has also purchased himself a table saw (it arrived yesturday...he is incredibly excited). It will be put to use to build his Dad some cabinets in the garage and to possibly put floors in my parents house.

Climate: Its hot....I both love and dislike it at the same time. Love the heat, love the sun. But heat in the 100's gets to be a bit too much heat. Especially in our little cottage that has no air conditioning and a loft bedroom.....But as I said I love it too....

Recent Events and Gatherings: Our Nephew Luke turned seven. We attended the BBQ celebration. Mothers Day. We gathered again at Lisa's (Josh's sister) for a BBQ followed by a family game of Baseball.... I told them next time we were playing cricket.

Things we are looking forward to: A camping trip to Pizmo (Southern California) this weekend, with Josh's sisters family, for memorial day weekend. Cannot wait to be at the sea! Our trip up to Canada in June/July. We are heading North for 3 whole weeks. We are planning to head up the coast line and camp overnight in Oregon somewhere and maybe even go quad biking in the dunes on our way up.

Things I am thankful for: Josh. My family. The friendships we have made here in California. Our little red cottage. Our car. Life lessons. My job and the people I work for. Opportunities to photograph a couple of weddings. Summer. Sunglasses. Books. Pineapples. Chai tea with vanilla creamer in. My new great big handbag that can fit everything inside of it. Early morning (5:30am) runs. My health. Birds, espeically singing in the morning, cheering me on as I run. That I grew up in South Africa. That I am Loved by an incredible and awesome God and that he has a greater plan for my life then I could even imagine.

Things I miss: Danny. My parents. Familiarity. South Africa. Skye (my border collie from SA). Friends. Plettenburg Bay holidays. Playing Cricket. Perppermint Crisp.

Things that break my heart: The xenophobic violence occuring in South Africa right now. All the people who are hurting after the losses in world catastrophies that have recently occured. The fact that these things don't break my heart more.


James Moes said...

It's great to see your faces - and congrats about the Golf.

LauraMarie said...

i am just LOVING the blog!!!! but... it makes me miss you a whole lot more. love you.