Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our Albany

So it has been a while since I updated this blog with some interesting news, and in that time interesting news occurred. On the 4th of December 2008 Josh and I received the key to our first house.....and so we enter into the wonderful world of home ownership! (the above picture is of our new little home, the first thing we did was mow the lawn).
We began this little adventure the beginning of October. Josh was on his first two week break (his school has a 2 week break every 10 weeks, its a different schedule to other schools around here) and he decided we would seriously start looking at houses to buy. The housing market here has been dropping fast and low, due to bad loans made over the last few years, and the economy. Not good for sellers, but excellent for first time buyers, like us. So he started looking at a few homes over the next two weeks.
We had seen this little house on a street called Albany a few months ago when we were looking for fun. When Josh went out to "seriously" look (like with an agent and everything) it wasn't on the market anymore. I was kinda bummed, but thought we would probably find something else. It was arranged that one Saturday I would go out and look at houses with our agent to see some of the ones Josh liked and some others we had found online (at this point I hadn't looked at any). The Friday before we were going out, "our" Albany house popped up online again, and so we quickly called our agent to add it to our list of houses for Saturday.
It was the first house we went to look at on Saturday, the moment I stepped inside I felt a peace about it. Josh wasn't sure, as the price was higher then the other homes we were looking at the rest of the day. The reason that it was back up on the market, was the buyers had backed out of their offer. The house was a short sale and banks are known to sit on offers for up to two months on short sale homes. The bank had come back and accepted their offer but had taken so long that the buyers had backed out. So if we put in the same offer it would be accepted immediately and we wouldn't have to go through the usual short sale long wait. After looking at all the other houses, we came back to Albany and took one more look. Then we sat in the car and chatted and prayed about it. At this point, after Josh saw the state of the other homes that were less then Albany, we both had complete peace and so we put in the offer. All very exciting. Got out the inspector and the appraiser.....and stop.
The house got appraised at much less then the asking price and our offered price, which meant if the bank didn't move on the price we couldn't get a loan for a house that was valued at less. And so we waited, patiently. The whole time we both felt this cool peace.
In the meantime Josh's Dad kept looking online for homes. He found a darling house in an OK neighbourhood for much less. Seemed perfect. Problem was our agent was out of town that week. So she set us up with another agent in her office to take us to look at it. I felt very anxious for two days. It was horrible. I thought I was anxious cos I was excited about it and wanted to see it so bad and have it. We had found out that there was already an offer in on it that was "substantially higher then the asking price". Finally we got an appointment to see it on the Tuesday. As Josh and I were on our way to see it the other agent called us and said that they were not accepting anymore offers. They already had six "substantially higher" offers, which is amazing for a short sale that had only been on the market for 4 days. So we pulled a u-ey and headed home. My thought to myself was " hmm thought I would be more disappointed" but I wasn't, in fact that peace came back.
A week later we heard that the bank had accepted the lower offer. So finally after a lot of paper signing and a tight deadline to close, we got the keys. Now its non stop work getting it ready to move in the weekend before my family arrive for Christmas. And we love it. Very excited and thankful for our first little home.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"...sometimes when you need to feel the all-embracing nature of God, paradoxically you need to hang out in ordinariness, in daily routine and comfort"

Anne Lamott, Traveling Mercies (p167)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Under Construction

For the past few weeks "they" have been doing road construction outside my office. Inbetween answering the telephone and browsing the internet, I now have live entertainment right outside my window with bulldozers and neon cones.
Subsequently I have been thinking alot about construction as an analogy for my life. In general most people find road constrauction a pain in the behind. It is inconvenient, annoying, messy, it causes traffic jams, alternative (longer routes), which means we have to change our schedules, leave early, find a new route, or be more patient. At the same time, people don't like roads that are in bad condition, but in order to make the roads better we need the construction. A conundrum.
As a person I want to grow and change and become a better person, the person I was created to be, especially in my faith. In order for change to occur I need to go under construction, and its going to be inconvenient, annoying, messy, uncomfortable, painful, its going to require change, and patience. There is no alternative route, cos somewhere along that route I will run into another construction sign, and line up of neon cones. So there is only one thing to do, slow down to the 35mile construction speed and learn, grow, change, get messy, get annoyed, get real, and become who I was meant to be, created in Gods image with a purpose far greater then my own dreams or desires!

Monday, October 20, 2008

snap shot

A couple of recent pictures of us.....
I realised the other day that we don't have many pictures of us together...So we recruited Josh's sister, Lisa, to be our photographer for a couple of shots. The first one I put here cos it cracks me up.....Sometimes (most times) Josh forgets to smile his great smile....anyway...it reminds me of that painting of the farmer and his wife with a pitchfork...ha ha....
US in the US

Grant Wood, 1930: American Gothic

Friday, October 17, 2008

Neon signs

I live in Modesto California. When Josh and I were dating I thought it an awesome thing that he was from California. I remember a conversation we had once, when we were first dating, about his home. He told me that Modesto means "modest" in Spanish, that should have been a clue. When we got engaged it was a relatively easy decision that I would move to California, as Josh was already settled there, and I was still getting settled in Canada (it made sense at the time anyway).
Now, I know when one says California, a whole number of hot, sunny, beachy, surfy, hollywoody images come to mind. Although Modesto is definitely hot and sunny for most of the year it lives up to its modest name. For the most part I have been very happy living here with Josh. Then there are odd days when I feel completely antsy and discontent. I feel I live in the middle of nowhere. Modesto is close to San Francisco, by 2 hours drive and the beach by 2 and a half hours drive. Not close enough to spontaneously jump in the car for a quick trip out of the valley. It always has to be a planned day trip.
So I live in California, in Modesto, which is like dangling a treat just out of reach of your dog. At least that is how I feel on those days. Last Friday I had one of those days. I suppose the whole process of buying a house has been somewhat overwhelming to me as I see my roots growing deeper and deeper into Modesto soil, and the word settled comes to mind. That's when I get freaked out, like I did last Friday.
I am not a great adventurer, or traveler, by any means, I have just (compared to some people) moved around alot in my life. Even when I lived in South Africa for 18 years of my life my parents were constantly talking about moving somewhere else. For me to say I will live anywhere forever is a hard thing to say, I cannot say it cos I don't believe it. Life can change in an instant, or in a couple of years, you just don't know. All I know is that I want to be where God wants me.
Part of my issue on Friday is that I feel like God wants me here right now, but then I am like "why can't I have a cool adventure in a cool place God? why do I have to be stuck in this valley?". I was chatting to a wonderful Mentor of mine who is currently a missionary in South Africa but lived in Modesto before that. She struggled with the same feelings about Modesto, as have a few other "imports" (as they call non-modesto-ites here, let me just add that Modesto roots run deep!! like generations and generations deep) I have met and become friends with. I said to her that maybe God likes to use Modesto to teach people about contentment. There is this sign downtown Modesto that Josh reminded me of when I shared this conversation with him. (sign shown above and on the right) I have always thought it is the most random sign/motto for a place, I always puzzled over it when we drove past it. Now it makes the most perfect sense. We had a good laugh about it. It truly is a place that teaches contentment. God has a great sense of humour, and he gave me a sign, a real sign...ha ha.....
So I live in Modesto California, and I am learning about contentment. After struggling through these thoughts last Friday, I love the lesson I have come away with. My main subject in my art recently has been about simplicity and finding it in my life. I had these ideal images of simplicity being set by a beautiful beach or on a mountain top. But God has showed me that, right now, simplicity in my life is right here in this Californian, farming valley, a city called Modesto, which literally means modest. How perfect. As my mentor from South Africa reminded me, alot of our life is lived in the valley and not on the Mountaintop, its down in the valley where God meets us, teaches us, carries us, shows us cool lessons, and even bright orange neon signs....all I have to do is stop scuffing my feet in the dust and look up, take notice of the awesome things God is doing in my life. The simple beautiful things he has blessed me with, the things he is showing me. I am happy, I am excited for this adventure I am on with him right here in Modesto.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Catching up

I have been terrible at writing the last while
Life has been busy but I haven't seemed to have much to say about it.
Its been good. Its been blessed.
I am thankful.
Thankful for Josh, for friends, our small group, art, art shows, photography, family, tea, jamba juice, birthdays, celebrations, surprises, trips to Canada, houses, sunglasses, boots, books, soup, flowers, music, sunshine, blankets, hugs, beautiful views, and most of all thankful for my God, for the lessons he is teaching me, and the things he is showing me, and for his love. There is always His Love.
This time pictures say it best......

We were both a part of an art show held at a local Christian book store...The Art we are standing in front of isn't ours, its by an artist called Phil Baker.... the trike is part of one of my pieces...

Both of us turned 26....

Birthday trip to the hills and Birthday sights......I only let it be fall after my Birthday.....

Surprising Dan for his 21st Birthday (a weekend home in Canada)...

Dan's giant 21st Key...

a city Visit (Vancouver).... photos by Dan

Our Friends band's (Colour) EP release and Nephews 15th Birthday

Its getting a bit colder (boot weahter) and a bit darker (lights are needed) here in California.....winter is slowly setting in behind the dust of the harvested almond orchards....

And in other news......
We are hoping to buy a HOUSE!!! Well actually we are currently in the process of buying one. What I mean is that we have offered on a house and the offer has been accepted, and we have had our inspections etc, BUT it has been appraised at a lower price then the offered amount/asking amount....so we are in a place of waiting....once again....waiting to see if the bank will lower its pirce....if it does....we have a house!!! If it doesn't we walk away, and keep looking, and saving, and living in our lovely cottage :o)....
So we are just praying Gods will for that situation.....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nostalgic for Africa

This morning I was just going about my daily routine of getting ready for work, taking out the trash, watering the flowers, locking up the cottage, when I heard a dove coo. That single sound crumbled my insides and made me so homesick for South Africa. That is one of the sounds of Africa for me, and here it was taunting me from its perch in little Ripon town, California. I was just minding my own business, doing my life, here, in California, and then Africa calls and tugs at my heart again. Its left me in a state of nostalgia, random images and memories of "my" Africa keep popping into my mind. Sometimes it feels so far way, physically and "emotionally", and then a single coo can bring it back in an instant colliding into my new life here, I still feel far away, that truth is just more present in my mind. I am all too aware of the part of me that is missing because I left it behind in Africa, where it will probably always remain, a part of me apart from me.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Joy Full

The summer holidays are quickly coming to an end. Back to school is in every store. Makes me think of the CNA advertisments in South Africa (CNA was a stationary store), after the Christmas/summer break (both one and the same), the jingle haunted and taunted every school child as it rang in their ears "back to school, back to reality"...shiver.....

The beginning of this summer season we were clueless as to what this next year would look like. We knew Josh was doing his teachers credential, but we didn't know if he would be in the internship program (therefore have a paid teaching position as well as getting his credential) or in the regular student teacher program (in the schools every day but not paid, and have other classes too). Josh took some summer courses online so that he would be "intern ready", so that if a position opened up and they were willing to hire an intern then he would be "ready". At the same time we were trying to prepare ourselves for the alternative, and be "ready" for that. Either direction is going to be hard for us, Josh will be busy with school and school. But in terms of finances the two options are opposite extremes! With the student teaching program I would be the sole breadwinner, my earnings only just covering our bills. With the internship we will be better off then we have ever been. For the last three months we have been living out the phrase "hoping for the best, expect the worst". I utterly trust God in whichever direction he wants to take us.

When I first thought about this year and our potentially very tight budget, I had a really hard time with it, one reason was because we weren't going to be able to see coldplay!! (how silly is that!). The fact that I had a hard time with it distressed me even more. I wanted to have a good attitude. God really challenged me on my attitude that evening (this was before our trip to Canada). I retreated upstairs to my bed (my favorite place to read my bible and spend time with God). Every verse I read was about being tested and considering our trials and suffering as joy. The more I read the more the weight lifted off my shoulders and my attitude changed. I literally came downstairs a changed person. I was actually excited for this potentially hard year. I was excited for what God wanted to show and teach us through it all, that he wanted to refine me and work on my heart. That he wanted me to learn to be content. That it would make our marriage stronger in Him. I had peace. Even though it is all still very much up in the air, I had peace, confidence, that whatever happens, we are loved by an awesome, and faithful God who is our provider. YAY!

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."
James 1:2-4

This time last week we had resolved ourselves to the fact that Josh would be going into Student teaching as nothing had come of any of the jobs he had applied for. So Josh signed up online for classes and went to Starbucks to pick up an application (we thought a Starbucks job, would work well with his school schedule and bring a little bit in to help financially), he ended up having an interview at Starbucks. Later that evening Josh's dad called saying that one of the schools had called back. Josh had an interview on Friday......

Yesterday they called and he got the job!

It was like a weight lifted off both of us in that moment, a weight I don't think we were fully aware of, it was almost unreal. I have always loved the saying " peace is joy at rest and joy is peace dancing", demonstrating how the two go hand in hand....well I am definitely dancing!! What a faithful God we serve, our awesome provider!!! This year is going to be tough, and God knew this and lifted some of the weight by providing for us in a big way. Just like Him and his perfect timing to be last minute!! Ha ha!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris

Yesterday was my brother Chris's Birthday. He would have been 23 years old. This is one of the last photographs we have of him. He died suddenly at age 12 from Meningitis. I miss him. I find it interesting that around the anniversary of his birth and his death I start having alot of memories and thoughts about him, even 11 years later. Usually there is a day or two around these times where I feel sad, and it takes me a while to realise why. Yesterday was one of those sad days. I woke up at 6:30am and my first thought was that it was Chris's Birthday so I whispered a Happy Birthday wish into the early morning air and then fell back to sleep. When I awoke again at 9:30 I forgot about it. I got up and had a hard time finding anything to wear to church, that we were already late for, this invariably was a steep slope to feeling sad and frustrated for me. So Josh suggested I stay home, I did, and easily persuaded him to stay too. It was only then that I realised again what day it was. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by how much I miss him. I miss not knowing who he would be today. What he would look like and be like. Then I thought about where he is, I smiled at Josh through my tears and said "I bet he is having the best party ever!". I am so thankful for Chris, although his life was short, I am so thankful I was one of the privileged ones to not only share life with him and to know him, but also to be his sister. We started a tradition to have Hawaiian pizza on his anniversary's each year. His first birthday after he died, we wanted to do something fun to remember him, so we joked that we should have a sleep over with his Friends, watch The Mask (his favorite movie) and eat Hawaiian Pizza...we never had a sleep over but the Pizza stuck, and sometimes we watch a Jim Carey movie. We didn't have a pizza yesterday (we are on a strict budget) but Josh blessed me by making miniature pizza's with crackers and cheese and other interesting things from our fridge, baked in the oven. It meant alot to me. I look forward to the day that I can introduce them one day in heaven. Until then I have plenty of great memories to share about a special boy who has touched and changed my life for ever.
Happy Birthday Chris!

Friday, August 8, 2008

My Gentleman

Off to an interview....I had to document my dressed up gentleman....Oh how I love him.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


This was what the sky looked like when I went for my run yesturday morning. I took this photo with a disposable camera that got wet when we went rafting down the river last weekend. This is why I love running in the mornings.

Due to the hot temperatures that come with summertime here I started going for my run in the mornings before work. I love running in the morning. It's tough rolling out of bed and making myself go. There have been a couple of mornings where I have let Josh (too easily) pursuade me not to go. And then I regret it when I try and run in the afternoon heat. But mostly I have mastered the technique of not thinking about it too much. I robotically climb out of bed and into my running clothes, eat a trusty banana, stretch a little and head out, by myself. Josh does not enjoy running in the mornings so its just me and my thoughts.

I love these mornings, before the world wakes up. Its so still and quiet. The only sounds are the birds cheering me on, the sprinklers spinning, my feet methodically hitting the road and my prayers silently spoken and lifted to God. Although I miss running with Josh, I have come to treasure these times by myself, the time with God.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meeting at the shack

"We live in a world where ‘normal’ does not truly exist except as an idea or concept. For each of us, where and how we grew up plays a foundational role in our sense of ‘normal’, and only when we begin to experience the ‘bigness and diversity’ of the world are we tempted to evaluate our roots. I thought the way I grew up was ‘normal’ but I think most would probably agree that my history and journey have been a bit unusual." - William Young, author of The Shack

I have been reading a book called The Shack, and so far have loved it and the way it is making me think about Gods love and his relationship with me, with us. I just Googled the book to see what would come up about it, (things I do to keep myself occupied at work when the phone isn't ringing) and this was a quote I found from the author in talking about his personal journey. I love it, it echoes some of the thoughts and feelings I have had, and have, about this big world we live in and my journey in it. I am thankful for talented writers and authors that can put my thoughts and feelings into words more eloquently then I can. It helps me communicate at times like this when I feel at a loss of words or pictures or any sort of communication skill. When I lack the ability to sort through my web of thoughts and come up with something coherent to share.

So that's just a little bit of sharing (via William Young), something to think about, and if you want more, I recommend reading The Shack.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


My Mom loves to garden. I on the other hand am a disaster when it comes to gardening. I managed to kill a fern I had at university, several times over. I bought a fern (well my Mom bought it for me for my dorm room) because it is apparently a more durable plant so would withstand ...me. Every holiday that I went home I would give it to a friend to look after, and when I came back it looked much happier, so eventually I just gave it to her, she called it Vern the Fern.

After we were married, and living in our little apartment in Modesto, I would occupy myself most days by wondering down to the nearest Starbucks and grocery store. One day I purchased a potted rose plant. Looked ever so pretty on our table, for like a week. Then it started to droop. In a desperate attempt to save it, I researched online a bit and then placed it in our bedroom window so that it could lap up some sunlight. It looked happier, and much to my delight even got a new bud on it. I am proud to say it came with us when we lived at Josh's parents house. It sat in the kitchen garden window and was ever so happy. I forgot about it mostly, it was Mary that loved and cared for it. Then it moved to the cottage, and it was downhill from there, not even sitting in my window cheered it up. So eventually one day I decided to give up and retire it to the garbage. On the way to the bin my wonderful landlady, Kristy, stopped me and rescued it from my defeated clutches......she is an amazing gardener, her yard always looks so lovely. My little rose plant is now sitting happy and healthy on her porch, I dare not ask for it back due to the implications it might have on its life.

So why am I writing all this.....Well Josh is not the biggest flower buyer, which is OK, makes it even more extra special when he does buy me flowers. But recently he has bought me a couple of potted flowers, (well one he bought, the other he was given and then came to work and gave it to me ). I got a Calla lily (my favorite), which we planted in Kristy's garden. And a Gerbra daisy (so happy), which brings me to the point of this blog. Please see photo above....Its blooming!!! Two big beautiful red blooms. I am so excited. It makes me happy every time I walk out my door. However I can't take all the credit as I left it with Kristy when we went to Canada, but since we have been home I have remembered to water it (that's big) and I even took all its dead leaves off. When we first got back there were no blooms and now look. I am so proud, I had to share it. Maybe I still have a chance for a green thumb.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Picture this

Blue A heart for PBJ US Swimming Mom visit The moustache Play Draw Yam Fries Art


connect the dots

We have been back from Canada for a week and a half, (Dan drove back down with us).
In that time:
-I went back to work,
-my Mom arrived for a visit,
-we went to the beach followed by a Coldplay concert (my favorite),
-Josh started another class for his credential program
-we went to the late night show of Batman, it was both tragic and brilliant at the same time
-and Josh left for Hume Lake (a big Christian Camp here in California) with the high school group and a bag of homework.

I have been feeling very disconnected from things and God the past few weeks. Even though I am home again, it feels more like an extended holiday with my family here, only I have to work, and for whatever reason that has made me feel disconnected from...things....I am not sure what I am thinking about right now, or what is on my heart...probably my disconnectedness. I am missing Josh like crazy, its good I am thankful for that, but its weird. Even though my family is here and have been a fun distraction, there is always something missing.I am very excited for Saturday and his return, and looking forward to some time together again, been tough to get that the last 5 weeks. So other then all these words I have just rambled off, I don't have any other words to share about life, other then I am dreading Sunday when I actually have to say goodbye to my family for another 5 months probably. They always leave a big hole behind, especially Danny. So instead of words, here are some pictures - I am beginning to think maybe I speak better (more eloquently, as I wish I could write) through pictures - of life the last little while......

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh Canada

Since we have been here we have put in alot of wood floors. Well Josh and Dan have done it mostly, but I have helped a little here in there, scraped this, put that board in there, moved furniture here, fed them, cleaned up after them and just genereally being moral support. By Friday last week I was feeling a bit stir crazy and bored and antsy to do something else, I saw the holiday floating away, with me waiting around and watching the boys place wood planks in my parents home. But we took this weekend off and had some fun. So this week I have a fresh attitude about it all.

Last Sunday, a couple of days after we arrived, we drove up to Kelowna (3 hours away from my house) to stay with one of my good friends, Nic (a friend from preschool in South Africa) and her husband Steve. They moved to Kelowna after they were married and I hadn't seen their house yet. We spent Sunday evening on the Beach (Lake) watching kite boarders flit around, and eating a variation of a hamburger, the ketchup (which was forgotten at home) was replaced with salsa. We got creative and used what we had. Then as the sun started to go down at like 9:30/10:00 we went home and watched a movie (Gone Baby Gone). Monday Steve went to work (he is an engineer), Josh stayed at the house to do his homework, so Nic and I went out to play.....well we found a winery and had a lovely lunch then lay in the sun and chatted the afternoon away. It was a special and realxing time in pretty Kelowna. Then after dinner (perogies!) we headed back to Vancouver, well Langley to be specific.

The rest of the week was spent flooring, as I mentioned before. Getting high on the glue, and living around the chaotic scattered furniture design.

On Saturday we joined the de Fleuriots (Nics family) at Grouse mountain, (a local mountain, where I learnt to snowboard), and we did the "Grouse Grind". Well part of the group did the "Grind" the other half went up in the gondala. The "Grind"' is a steep climb all the way up, no progression, just up all the way, and it is about an hours climb at a consistent pace. I ended up being the only girl in the climbing group (and second to reach the top, behind Josh, just had to boast a little.....we didn't do it in a fast time or anything, but still....). Dan and his best friend Pierre (de Fleuriot) showed up in short shorts, vests, head attire (Pierre with head band and Dan with Clown hair, other then his own) and ski poles. Always the entertainers.

Once the whole party had reached the top, we went to find a picnic spot, on the way we took a detour on one of the chair lifts and got the most incredible view of Vancouver. By the time we got back, the "Lumber Jack" show was about to begin, so we had lunch on the way (fast food I call it) to the show. The "Moms" were positioned on the grass creating the sandwiches, we grabbed and ran to the show. Saturday was one of the first hot summer days here. The show was out doors in the blasting heat. Some of the other kids had lathered tanning oil on their bodies, and were quickely turning a shade of pink ,as we watched the amazing lumber Jacks goof around and do awesome stunts. After the show it was decided that maybe some sunscreen would be a good idea......Then we went to see the two orphened bears they have on top of Grouse. They stood about 4 feet away behind the fence eating (something on the ground, looked like stones to me??) and completely oblivious to the crowds and flashes surroundig them. Then we went back down on the gondala tired and ready for a shower. It was a fun day. I slept well that night.

Sunday we just relaxed at home after church and then went to the Drive-in Sunday night with some of Dan's friends. We watched Wal.E, which was a sweet movie. Then Narnia, which was.....loooong. Well for the second movie at a Drive-in, it was a long movie, I slept through some and still thought it was long. Our battery died part way through, probably with an hour left of the show, or at least it felt like an hour. I will have to watch it again when I am not so tired. Before the movie even ended Dan's friends drove off, with Dan in the car, leaving us stranded with no battery, luckily we were at a Drive-in, and they think about these things, a kind man came and got us rolling again. So at 2:40 we left to go home. Way too late for the floor installers :o)

Today is Canada day. We went with some good friends (Josh's roomate and his wife) to a strawberry farm to have a pancake breakfast and pick strawberries. It was so much fun. We now have piles of beautiful juicy stawberries to figure out creative and yummy ways to devour.

Now the flooring continues, I think we are close, we are going to run out of glue before we can finish, and everything is closed on Canada day......Tonight we are having a steak dinner and going to see Hancock, Dan bought tickets for us already to make sure we will get in. Happy Canada Day everybody!

And thats the way the cookie crumbles.

P.S we ran out of glue....we have one more room to go. Tommorrow is a new day!