Wednesday, February 3, 2010

new blog

so if you think i have been slacking on my blogging, you are partly right. i have been a little bit slack and then last week i started a tumblr blog, so i have been blogging over there the last little while....i hadn't "announced" it yet because there are a few things i would have liked to have changed before i officially moved over.....but i can do the changes later on too, so i thought i would let you all know my new blog address, if you want to check it out, it is:


Monday, January 18, 2010

busy body

a couple of favorites from the wedding this weekend. now we look forward to a fun week with friends from university visiting for a couple of days.

Friday, January 15, 2010


so i discovered that i am going through a gallon of milk a week, pretty much all by myself! and below is the reason why.....

oh how i love makes a blah day better......( i also LOVE my new sugar bowl, makes me smile every day).

speaking of blah days, lets talk about passport photos....everyone's favorite thing to do right??? ha ha. i have to renew my passport this year. it is a british passport, and so of course the photo requirements are completely different to the american photo requirements, and so finding somewhere here in the states that knew how or what to do with that was somewhat ridiculous. throw in the metric system measurements and its like communicating in different languages.

this week i have been working on getting my passport application sent off and the most frustrating part was getting the passport photo. I have now had 4 sets of photos taken. the first lot were ok in measurement, but THE worst photo of me ever (well not ever, there are more then plenty terrible pictures of me). so i was trying to be grown up and indifferent about it, you know, "whatever, its a passport photo, who has a good passport photo anyways?"....but then yesterday after a long rough day, i just decided that as silly as it may be i hated the photo, it wasn't even good technically, i mean you couldn't even see my eyes in it, it was so dark, my application probably would have been rejected because of it! and it would be in my passport for the next 10 years! so i decided, as silly or as vain or whatever it was, i didn't care, i was getting another one done. thus my day consisted of three separate trips back and forth to fedex to work out the correct photo size and then getting a friend to sign it.....eventually i got a passable photo that i feel ok having in my passport. you can actually see that i have eyes! i am now exhausted. who knew passports photos would take an entire day (sort of) to figure out. but its all done now and i now await my new passport.

josh and i are shooting a wedding tomorrow.....the above picture is from one of the first weddings i ever officially shot for a friend in canada and this is still one of my all time favorite photos from any wedding i have done. its encouraging to have that one picture that i love. it gives me a little booster, a reminder that i took it and if i did it once i can do it again.

right now, as with every other wedding (which are not that many) i have photographed, i have the butterflies fluttering around in
my belly, the struggle with my self confidence, and a bad attitude about it. (yip, that's brutal honesty). and as with every other wedding, i am re reading my favorite verses that remind me that my gifts are from God, and my strength is from him too, and that my hearts desire is to use them to glorify him. and as with every other wedding before i am trying to shout those verses and more positive thoughts louder then the other ugly thoughts that like to bring me down.

its been a rough week. a mini battle field within, and without. last night i almost had a break down when i burnt the chicken and made the mashed potatoes soggy, more like soup then mash. (nothing tea couldn't fix in a jiffy). even though these weddings have been tough for me emotionally, i am thankful that i can look at them and see how i have grown, and how i have learnt to completely rely on God, not only in the times when i feel completely weak and inadequate (weddings) but in every area of my life. however i do not think being a wedding photographer is going to be the direction i will be taking in life, at this point anyways. and that is ok, i am ok with that. happy even. it's been a good discovery to make. in the meantime, i will gather all the strength i can, and do the very best i can, to capture and bless this couple.

"i can do everything through him who gives me strength" - phil 4:13

the other night we were talking about a comedian that my parents enjoy, victor borges, and so after today's passport mission, the heaviness of this week, and the anxiety for tomorrow, i decided i needed a bit of a giggle. thought i would share the giggle. the link below is from one of his acts called "inflationary speech". enjoy, and have a "twoderful" weekend.

love p i p s

Thursday, January 14, 2010


this week i went darker. i like it. i could go darker still. its fun.
last night i attempted to get my etsy account going. tried to make a baby step and then stubbed my toe....not literally, i was just trying to be clever with a metaphor....turns out i encountered a problem with setting up the account and so i am just waiting for a reply and hopeful solution. but just to let you know i did move forward a little bit.
i am thinking of trying out a new blog site called tumblr. i will let you know if and when i do make the transition.
i have been trying to get organised this week, filling out passport forms, and tax forms, taking moose to the vet, ordering a gift for josh for our anniversary...all that fun stuff....very random, but that has been my week. no art yet, but i am hoping to do something tomorrow. i will keep you posted.
and God is awesome. Fact.
lots of lovely love this thursday afternoon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


dear haiti, i am praying for you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

colours of home

the sun came out for a brief moment this morning. it made my heart happy. here are a few more things that made my heart happy today:

i got a belated christmas present last night (i love belated presents...they are so exciting) and here they are, all lined up on my fabulously colourful table cloth (which i also got as a christmas present from dubai).....can you tell i am ready for spring?....

these are the last of the oranges off our tree. i picked them this morning. i love oranges, and our tree makes delicious oranges, even though it is living in the sappy shadow of a pine tree that drops a ton of needles right on top of it.

i bought this plant at trader joes the other day after i took down my christmas decorations. its my reminder that spring is coming, and it makes me smile.

happy tuesday, i hope it is a colourful one.

Monday, January 11, 2010

tea time

this is what i am craving right now, a chai tea latte from Queen Bean, a new discovery of mine. its my favorite chai tea anywhere. the Queen Bean is very close to our house which adds to its awesomeness, AND depending on who makes it, i get art in my tea!!
in other tea news, our office just got a kettle this morning, so i have been drinking lots of tea today which has been fabulous for me on a gloomy day....
i am slowly getting more Americans to drink tea...mwha ha ha ha ("evil" conniving laugh).
that's all that is on my brain today, that's not true....i actually have some other deeper thoughts swirling around up there, and i was going to write it all out, but i ran out of time, and i am not sure if the thoughts are cohesive enough to be written about, and make sense to anyone else other then myself. so until i gain more clarity, today i will write about my love of tea.

i do love it so.
its warmth on cold gloomy days.
its a smile when i am sad.
its dessert after dinner.
its comfort when i am upset.
its calm when i am stressed.
its something to do when i am bored.
its something to share with friends and family.
its a connection to my childhood.
its an excuse to stop, and just be.
its tea.

i highly recommend the Queen Bean chai latte to anyone else who shares my love of tea, and who lives near the Queen Bean (as in the same country, county and town), and those of you who don't i will be sure to share the experience with you when you come and visit me. hint hint.